List Of Fresh Dissertation Topics In Accounting

If you have ever found yourself in a situation where you are just irritated in the course of writing your accounting and finance dissertation, you are definitely not alone. It could be that you have always had this topic stashed somewhere in your memory and now that it is time for you to choose a topic, you only keep drawing blanks. It is very much unlike you but it is actually happening. Getting irritated will not solve the problem.
If you really wish to hold the attention of your target readers, then you should base your academic paper on a unique and interesting topic. It is never easy finding such topics in accounting and that is why this post will be to your advantage. Listed below are some of the dissertation topics in accounting that you might find interesting.
They are as follows:

  • An overview of the history of accounting in United Kingdom
  • Current accounting standards – How reliable are they?
  • Ethics of accounting – Some important facts students should know
  • Understanding the relationship between good accounting methods and a successful business
  • The impact of technology on good accounting skills
  • An evaluation of the current international accounting standards
  • International accounting standards – A look at what needs to be updated
  • Accounting and finance – An analysis of the relationship between both fields
  • Accounting Frauds – A look at the various examples
  • An understanding of the relationship between accounting and banking
  • A look at how poor accounting methods can ruin a business
  • Credit unions versus banks – Understanding the pros and cons
  • United States of America – An analysis of its bank loan criteria
  • The Accounting field – An analysis of its future
  • An evaluation of bankruptcy and its impact on the accounting process
  • In what ways do the government influence accounting?
  • An analysis of a variety of effective accounting strategies
  • An evaluation of debt management – The past and the future

Apart from these topics, you can also get and browse through accounting dissertation examples to get ideas for your project work.