A collection of top-notch nutrition dissertation topics

Nutrition is a very interesting topic for many students, as it can help them get a healthy body and mind only by controlling what they eat. However, making your dissertation for this course is not easy; you have to take many things into consideration and to analyze many nutrition dissertation topics. Check out these top notch ideas and choose the one that works for you!

  • Vegans and vegetarians. Some people choose not to eat animal products, while others only eat eggs and dairy products. You can discuss their reasons and explain your point of view. Is this healthy? Read more nutrition dissertation examples online to see what others believe.
  • Nutrition for athletes. What should athletes eat In order to reach their full potential? Should they have a different diet than most people?
  • Nutritional supplements. Many doctors recommend them, but some say that they are unhealthy and they don’t bring anything useful in our body. Explain what are their benefits and disadvantages and why you support (or not!) them.
  • Obese children and their parents. Everywhere in the world we can see more and more obese children. Should they be blamed for what they eat, or their parents? How can teachers make a difference?
  • Fast food and its nutritional value. Many of your colleagues don’t know what are the nutritional values of a hamburger for example, so you can build your thesis around this subject. It will be interesting for all of you, although it might be tricky to get the right information about some famous brands.
  • Food in schools. Many schools offer one meal per day for their students, but unfortunately these meals are not always healthy. Should the parents try to change the menu? Is this affecting the life of the students? In what way?
  • Organic food and its benefits. Nowadays it is difficult to find natural food, as most of the farmers use chemicals to grow their vegetables and animals fast. What are the health benefits of organic food? The future of the food industry. Where will the food industry be after 30 years? Do you think there will be any positive change in the way we produce food?

Take any of these nutrition dissertation ideas and find out more about it. Present it to your teacher and you can be sure that he will be thrilled with your assignment!